Project Reference: BFI24

Group / Project Name: “Sun chasing” solar Wi-Fi lamp

Module: Innovation Project

“Sun-Chasing” is a solar LED-light street lamp that can be controlled via Wi-Fi. It collects energy during the day storing it in lithium batteries. The solar panels can move 180 degrees in the direction of the sun to maximize light. It can also be remotely controlled by Wi-Fi, using the phone to check whether the lights are on, receive the value of battery capacity and street light brightness, and remotely turn the lights on and off. In addition, it has an emergency button that sends the GPS location of the street lamp to the police when activated.

(1) Sun-chasing: At present, many solar lamp products on the market cannot fully receive solar energy. Sun-chasing is a technology that can capture the full power of solar energy.
(2) Solar energy: The use of sustainable development of new energy, energy-saving, and environmental protection.
(3) Wi-Fi: (intelligent remote control) Easy access to controls, as well as check the status of the lamp. For example, users can check remotely whether there are any problems.
(4) One-button alarm: In many countries, it is not safe to walk at night, those in danger can activate the one-button alarm from any lamp.
(5) Energy-saving light control: Street lamps are all over every street and lane, it is difficult to manually control them. Automatic light control saves time and effort.

There are countless streetlights in the world, all of which use electricity. Our team designed a solar street lamp that could not only save energy but automate many of the processes and offer a remote way to monitor their status.

Name: Yingfeng Wei
Role: Project Manager
Bio: Pursue efficient perfectionism! Focus on group planning and division of labor, pay attention to the gold content of products.

Name: Wan Yi
Role: Group Member
Bio: Strive to achieve customer requirements

Name: Yiguo Tu
Role: Group Member
Bio: Focus on customer needs and show self-worth from customer needs

Name: Yiyi Shen
Role: Group Member
Bio: Responsible for the following work.

Name: Xiaoyi Peng
Role: Group Member
Bio: Focus on efficiency, focus on solving customer needs.