Project Reference: BFI–

Group / Project Name: Take The Sky Home

Module: Innovation Project

“Take the sky home” is a meteorological home intelligent product. It simulates and demonstrates real-time weather conditions in selected cities to make weather palpable.

Take the sky home is differs from the competitors because it combines art and technology. We control the components in the box through programming to simulate the weather conditions of selected cities and display the weather with realistic effects. Our product combines practical with beautiful perfect, making it appealing to a broad audience.

For any age group, the weather forecast is an important part of the day. Take the sky home allows its user to visualize the weather outside and connect with people who are far away. This product effectively shortens the distance between people, and the novel audio-visual effect improves family happiness, bringing warmth to your home.

Name: Zhihan You
Role: Project Manager
Bio: Zhihan is enthusiastic about trying new things and fond of travel with her family. As a project manager, she coordinates all the parts of the production process. She has experience in programming and is the main force of the team in code development.

Name: Haoyue Lan
Role: Product Builder
Bio: As an art research enthusiast, Haoyue Lan has a keen interest in aesthetic exhibition and fashion design. At present, she is responsible for design publicity, product building, and code writing. She also works with the project manager to complete the project.

Name: Dan Liao
Role: Product Designer
Bio: Dan loves animals and has a cat. She usually likes watching movies and variety shows. Dan is skilled at design and audio-visual editing and has experience in web coding.

Name: Wenxin Li
Role: Market Propagandist
Bio: Wenxin enjoys delicious food and eating out. In her spare time, she watches TV dramas and takes care of her pet rabbit. She is proficient in graphic design using PS and AI. Aside from design, her responsibilities are purchasing materials and marketing.