Project Reference: CS36
Student’s Name: Vlad Creanga
Project title: The movement and activity tracking system for elderly people at home using a virtual animated character
Course Title: Computer Science
Supervisor’s Name: Abdel-Rahman Tawil

The aim of this project is to develop a system that uses simulated sensors data in a home-based environment to track the movements of house occupancy (elderly people) and uses a 3D virtual character to represent the data.

Tracking systems are ubiquitous nowadays; the majority of the building have monitoring systems that can detect movement. The movement and activity tracking system developed in this project aims to be an undetectable system that helps the user to take care of an elderly person by knowing their real-time location. It was developed using the Agile methodology, in order to have constant collaboration with the supervisor and have an organized plan that leads to a finished project in the allocated time. The system is based on simulated sensor’s data. The data that represents the position of the person is sent over to the database using a publish-subscribe network protocol called MQTT, through a Node.js server. The database used to store the information is MongoDB, due to the fact that it is a NoSQL database that supports a high volume of data transfers. When it comes to representing the data, a 3D virtual animated character along with a 3D environment was created in Unity. The database was linked to the Unity project using C# scripts and every time a new record is added to the database, it is taken over by Unity. The data specifies in which room the person is situated and as a result, if the person moves from his current location to another room, this action will be displayed using the 3D character in the environment created. This project was developed taking into consideration the importance of privacy. By using integrated sensors and not cameras, the elderly person will feel more comfortable and safe in its own environment.

This project aim is to monitor the activity of an elderly person in order to understand the behaviour and provide support. The system developed is innovative because it is user-oriented and takes into consideration the privacy of the client by using motion sensors, not surveillance cameras.