Project Reference: BFI7

Group / Project Name: Unicbeauty

Module: Multimedia Group Project

Because of the widespread use of social media, anxiety is common among the 18 to 25 age groups. As a negative emotion, it cannot be completely solved by a single game project so we choose the design idea of experience – guidance Ð mitigation.

Name: Lin Lu
Role: Manager and designer
Bio: Lin is mainly responsible for supervising and managing the project progress.

Name: Qi Zhang
Role: Researcher and developer
Bio: Qi is mainly responsible for writing project analyses, such as market analysis, PEST analysis, SWOT analysis, and financial analysis. She also provides technical resources and ideas for better identifying project types.

Name: Sixuan He
Role: Manager and developer
Role: Sixuan is responsible for building the project scale, and concepts, as well as, planning, game mechanisms.

Name: Zihan Liang
Role: Research and design
Bio: Zihan is responsible for mind maps, project objectives, and summarizing the implementation plan.

Name: Jinglong Dai
Role: Researcher and scriptwriter
Bio: Jinglong is mainly responsible for primary and secondary research, such as questionnaire survey and user portrait, market demand, user demand.

Name: Zhihang Feng
Role: Designer and developer
Bio: Zhihang is mainly responsible for the design of the company LOGO, APP icons, and game page.