Project Reference: NCS103

Student’s Name: Matthew Anthony Rubrecht

Project title: Using Software Defined Networking to Manage Wireless Point-to-Point Links

Course Title: Computer Networks BSc (Hons)

Supervisor’s Name: Ron Austin

To develop a system to remotely manage wireless point-to-point links.

Network automation and software-defined wide area networks relatively new field in which applications for software-defined principles have yet to be fully explored. This is most certainly the case with wireless internet service providers (ISPs). This project proposes a potential solution for a wireless ISP network that seeks to implement software-defined networking concepts by taking away some aspects of decision making from the infrastructure by separating part of the control and data planes. This project fulfils this by creating a system which controls when a router should switch from one wireless point to point link to another based on a simulated RSSI input. The project did not manage to cover the monitoring aspect of the solution due to resource limitations but successfully covers the decision making portion of software-defined networking.

SD-WANs are an understudied field, especially with regards to implementing aspects of SD-WANs in an ISPs wireless infrastructure. This is taking decision making and centralising it in the control plan in an area of networking that doesn’t see a lot of development like this.