Project Reference: CS51

Student’s Name: Kinza Nisar

Project title: Virtual reality pet interacts with via hand gestures to reduce social anxiety

Course Title: Computer Science

Supervisor’s Name: Salameh Abu Rmeileh

The main aim of my project is to resolve the fear and anxiety a person feels socially by using virtual reality technology.

This document contains the development of the virtual reality application called, ‘Virtual reality pet interacts with via hand gestures to reduce social anxiety’. Virtual reality creates a virtual space where users are able to experience virtual simulations of real-life events or training or other purposes. For example, the Anne Frank simulation, allows users to experience what it was like to be in the annex(designed by referring the original annex in WW2), as they move around in there by using the buttons, which look like footsteps in a circle. The user is also able to hear recitations from Anne’s diary and is able to feel as if they were in the annex, hiding from the Nazi soldiers like Anne Frank, her family and other people were. The topic I have chosen to focus on for this project (report) is social anxiety, because it occurs in people, who are in the age range of fourteen and twenty-eight. According to Gillian Butler (2016), a psychological researcher, said, ‘Social anxiety is a shorthand term that describes the fear, nervousness and apprehension most people at times experienced in their relationships with other people’. This means interactions with others can cause a person to feel inferior and may have extreme thoughts and worry about how they should act or behave in front of someone as they may think it is embarrassing and humiliating. Virtual reality technology can therefore be used as a way for cognitive behavioural therapy (CDT), to help solve and reduce social anxiety in a person.

The benefits of my project are: the user can share their gameplay on social media or messenger apps (application) like whatsapp. This may improve their confidence and can worry less about how a person thinks as worrying and being shy are elements of social anxiety. The innovative aspects of my project are: the different activities the pet carries out, the use of different icons, which were created with adobe photoshop and the creation of 3D models(which were also created with blender) that would accompany those icons like the 3D model for washing your pet is a shower head model that is being dragged from the icon to the pet so the pet can perform the action. The pet, which is a 3D model, created by using blender, is innovative as it does not have what other models do have, for example different colouring, the facial features are different and their body structure is different as well.