Project Reference: DT54

Student’s Name: Muhammed Hamza

Project title: VR Fitness ‘3d real-time competitive’ Game

Course Title: Computing and Information Technology

Supervisor’s Name: Nizam Bolia

The aim of this project is to create a fitness game that incorporates gaming and fitness into one in a smartphone, and to also improve general health and fitness. Overall, I plan to achieve a full or part functional game which can be developed further in the future so that the user can have extra features on the game. Also, the aim of this project is to be able to allow the user to gain the full experience of the virtual reality game and also to allow them to gain a better awareness of their health. There will be guidance in place to help the user to achieve their health goals in this VR fitness game.

Virtual Reality Fitness ‘3d real-time competitive’ is a game which attempts to bring general fitness gaming to the home environment. This VR fitness game attempts to generate different modes of fitness to help an individual with their general fitness activities to suit their lifestyle. The VR fitness games is based on a virtual environment and it is a game which focuses on general fitness such as weight training, body toning and fat loss or general day to day exercises. Data was collected in the form of a questionnaire and the use of Unity and Github enabled the creation software that is easy to use and suited to the consumer. Challenges were presented and analysed to create a plan to create a VR fitness game.

This project will help individuals with their general fitness and in reaching their fitness goals, improving their health overall. The innovative aspects of this project is that it can be used in the comfort of an individuals home and any large open space area without having to go to the gym. It can be tailored to the users needs and wants.