Project Reference: DT50

Student’s Name: Mizan Ali

Project title: VR Fitness ‘3d real-time competitive’ Game

Course Title: Computing and Information Technology

Supervisor’s Name: Steve Dalton

“The main aim of this project is to create a VR Fitness ‘3d real-time competitive’ Game to enable users to be able to workout at the comfort of their own home. The game will need to be exciting so that users do not feel as though they are actually exercising and so it does not seem like a chore for them. The game will have a wide target audience which is everyone from the ages of 5 to 70 as it is important for everyone to get regular exercise. Exercising using the game will allow people to reach their ideal weight whether it is to build muscle or to lose
weight. The game created is a fitness game and it has 3D environment as research shows it will be more appealing to the target audience as it will give users a more realistic experience whilst playing the game. When the VR is integrated within the game, it will make the game even more realistic as it will make the users feel like they are in the game environment. “

The VR Fitness ‘3d real-time competitive’ game is a project which has the objectives of making people more active by implementing fitness within a game. The VR fitness game allows users to exercise in the comfort of their own homes and allows them to reach their goals, whether that is to lose weight or generally be more fit. The way this project has been approached is through the agile methodology so that different aspects of the project could be amended despite the stage of the project. This means that if the project is at its final stages and the user wanted some changes made to an earlier stage, then this could be completed. To find out exactly what the user wants within the game for it to be successful, a survey was conducted. A Gantt chart was also used to plan out what each stage of the development will consist of just so every deadline is met. The game was intended to initially be a game which had a main character jumping from one train to the other and the user would have to use a VR headset to play the game and control when to jump or move side to side but during the implementation stage of the game, it was decided that the dynamic of the game to be changed to suit the user requirements better. The game created is called ‘Virtual Reality Bike’ and the objectives of the game is for the user to avoid the moving objects by moving side to side using the controller. Once the game has a VR headset integrated it will allow for
the user to move the character using motions of their own body. The results of this game demonstrates that users will be able to reach their personal goals such as losing weight with the help of this game.

One of the benefits of the project is that it will improve the cognitive skills of older adults as by doing exercise it will help with their coordination. Children also got a lot of benefits as their mental health improved drastically due to the fact that they are physically fitter. This is important because children need to be exercising more regularly to avoid health problems in the future. This game will enable children to want to get out of their house and do sports. This is important because now the children will have more motivation to do more physical activities whether its playing the fitness game at home or trying to do sports outdoors. The children regularly exercising has resulted in their helped with improving their mental health drastically. This is because they are more confident with their body due to exercising regularly. This is important as children need to have a good mental health otherwise it will affect things such as their education. The innovative aspects are that, the game is 3D and Virtual Reality so this means that when the users are playing the game, it will seem realistic to them and seem like that are in the game environments, this will ultimately entice them to continue to want to play the game and play it regularly. The game was supposed to have multiple game modes within it in the updated versions and this is important as people can decide what mode they want to play depending on their skill level. So, older adults may choose to play the easy game modes as they might not be familiar with the technology and might want to get used to using the easy game mode and the children might be used to the technology so they might use the hard game modes. This game is developed for most popular platforms such as IOS, Android, PC, XBOX and PlayStation; this means that the users can play this whenever and wherever they want as it can be portable with smartphones.