Project Reference: NCS42

Student’s Name: William Hunt

Project title: Zunna: The Browser Extension Protecting Personal Data

Course Title: Computer Science

Supervisor’s Name: Yussuf Hassan Ahmed

A fully functional browser extension, supported by Chromium browsers, to protect an individual’s personal data against common cyber security risks, with features such as allowing users to only visit safe websites, preventing trackers and criminal methods to collect personal information.

“This project will be evaluating and implementing a browser extension to protect personal data, named Zunna. Exploring how existing browser extensions that currently only focus on one aspect of protecting personal data and implementing a browser extension that encompasses all these features to best protect individuals against common cyber security risks whilst surfing the web. This report will discuss the proposed browser extension from its conceptualisation to its conclusion. Beginning with introducing the project, reviewing literature surrounding cyber security, personal data and existing browser extensions. There will also be the methodology, requirements, design, implementation and testing of the browser extension. Finally, the report will conclude with an evaluation of the browser extension and conclusion. The outcome of this report shows that the Zunna browser extension achieved all the requirements and surpassed existing browser extensions when protecting personal data; further supported by extensive review of existing literature and detailed artefact development. “

At the time of this writing, browser extensions only protect against one aspect of cyber security, ‘preventing unauthorised access to the vast amounts of personal information’ (, 2020). This, however, means that multiple extensions are required to have full prevention or protection against potential threats, otherwise personal data is gathered in another way and dilutes the need for one existing browser extension. Therefore, this report will focus on encompassing all the necessary features to best protect an individual’s digital data from common threats, with the opportunity for additional scope to develop each feature further.