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Open Web Application Security Mitigating Against Attacks

Security penetration testing of smart home devices

A Comparison of Animation Workflows in the Creation of 3D Previsualisations

Pill Recognition Program

Security Analysis & Penetration Testing of a Smart Device

Link Prediction in social network graphs

Meal Planner

Adapting images to successfully hide and exchange data over a network

Smart factory finding-locating stocks

Using Machine Learning To Predict Stroke

Live Attendance Tracker

Comparing rendering techniques between 3DSMax and Maya for 3D animation

E-learning application: DoteAcademy

Automated Trading in Stock Market

Classroom Response System Application

Optimising University Lectures and Classes Through Real Time Student Feedback

Automated attandance monitoring system using BLE

Pentagon!: Real-Time E-Learning Platform

Design and Build an Online Canteen Ordering System

VR Fitness ‘3d real-time competitive’ Game

Overcoming the challenges of teaching Digital Forensics online

Virtual reality pet interacts with via hand gestures to reduce social anxiety

VR Fitness ‘3d real-time competitive’ Game

Database and exam booking system

Mood Classification in Film Music

IoT platform for measuring and reducing air pollutants in indoor environments

Intermediator | Cross-platform application

Comparing and Evaluating different Photogrammetry workflows to produce an optimized 3D asset for VFX

Using class decomposition and Decision Trees to implement machine ensemble learning

A game that improves an individual’s performance under stress with visual fixation

Deep Learning in Medical Imaging Focusing on Chest Pneumonia Detection

Improving Medical Relations – A software application that connects the patient to medical professionals at the touch of the fingertips, all in the comfort of one’s home.

On the effect of decomposition granularity on DeTraC for COVID-19 detection using chest X-ray images

Smartwatch accessibility tool with an incorporated panic button system

Air Quality Monitoring System

Digital Forensic Acquisition of The Amazon Echo Dot and The Future of IoT Investigations

A system which interprets facial expression to affect a generative musical piece

Comparing the efficacy of conveying a message between traditional filming techniques and animation

Implement and evaluate a seamless workflow for blood simulation within a designated software

Stenography Utilizing Windows OS and File-System Artefacts

An investigation into the use of machine learning techniques for music recommendation based on emotional content: the case of automated labelling of songs based on emotional content

Pattern of Life: Best Source of Evidence from App Usage

Improving profile matching for vacant job roles through a mobile application that creates smart resumes for job seekers

Maximizing Customer Efficiency Through the Use of Digitalization of Restaurant Processes

Stream data processing for smart cities applications

Zunna: The Browser Extension Protecting Personal Data

The movement and activity tracking system for elderly people at home using a virtual animated character

Machine Learning to Classify Brain Tumour MRI Images

Automated Provisioning of Single-Board Computers

An automated home network vulnerability scanner

CCTV Surveillance Motion detection System

Development of an NTP MSF Server

Home Automation Survelliance Camera

Implementing a keylogger and Exploring Countermeasure Methods of Preventing and Detecting such Cyber-attacks.

Using Software Defined Networking to Manage Wireless Point-to-Point Links

Park On The Go

Network Automation using Python

Security Testing of ZigBee and/or Z-Wave or Other Communications

Delivering Media via a Content Delivery Network